Alicia Diggs

Like some plants need watering to thrive, some of us need love to thrive. I am watering my plants with love flowing through me from my ancestors…my dad and my big bro!! I miss them both dearly but they live in my heart always!❤️💙💜 #adaywithhiv Thursday, September 22, 2023 10:30pm

Kathy Callaghan

The blessing of living longer and loving ( is for me) paid by the hard fact I have buried many loved ones way before thier time. Those losses reinforce my commitment to love my family, help my community; live the best I can. Survivor since 1992.

Ana Oliveira

This is how I end my day by taking my Biktarvy tablet. I hope this picture reaches those who are afraid to start or continue ARV treatment.

Claire Gasamagera

Resilience is bringing back to our awereness good memories of foods, people and places to go through tough times.

Deral Takushi

I’ve been channeling my inner joy by playing with makeup lately and tonight I was feeling my favorite color of joy and amazes-ness. I stoned my crown in form of a tiara and put on my signature bow-tie and I am feeling amazing. Thank you to my friend who took this picture.

Brandon M. Macsata

#ADayWithHIV is being the healthy, loving, and proud Pa Pa of this little guy, Sebastian.

Aaron M Laxton

Driving home from class. I reflect on a friend who died this year who was never able to disclose her HIV status. This photo is for everyone who remains in the shadows for fear and safety. I see you!