Garry Jones

Hi, I’m Garry, founder and designer of the proposed Birmingham AIDS/HIV memorial. Please support us on

Tranisha D Arzah

So much to be grateful and thankful for this year! I celebrate my one year anniversary of living in the extraordinary city of New Orleans, 31 years of thriving with HIV, and my first Mabon celebration with my spiritual community as we begin the autumnal equinox. Stay Blessed!

Debbie Sergi-Laws

. Living with HIV for more than 32 years. I’m tired but grateful . Rest well.

Anthony Adero Olweny

It’s 10 pm, thinking how blessed I am—living with HIV and being undetectable means many possibilities in health and mind. The other issue dealing with how a person feels when living with HIV is stigma and discrimination. Seeking support, one would hope for and being proactive to get the care. I hope to live my […]


Another day with HIV is Another beautiful day! Grateful for every minute. Picking my grapes to make jam. Just turned 70!

Michel Magali Soto Perez

My experience with the diagnosis was strong, thanks to my partner and my extended family I was able to overcome my diagnosis. They are very special in my life. Thank you for being present in my life and always saying yes.