Marvellus S. Prater

Patiently waiting on my turn to take a TB test for work at the local AIDS service organization. Living life in spite of stigma. Yes, I know that I am in need of a haircut… bad.

Brian Keith Franklin, Jr.

Joining a campaign today in support of my people in the HIV/AIDS awareness movement. I love all my people and believe anytime we put a virus before a person we take two steps back as humanity.

Barb Cardell

Hi, community and family. Today is #adaywithHIV! What I would really love to see is all my dedicated sibs posting pictures of themselves phone banking, text banking, getting out the mother loving VOTE!

Erin Shafer Fulton

Coffee, shower, drop off daughter for school, work from home during a crazy new virus that I never thought I would live to see, and then grilled some burgers in the backyard with a side of Odefsey. I was 17 in 1994 when I tested positive in Omaha during my tests to join the military. […]


Fighting the stigma every single day.


Today is #adaywithhiv and part of that for me as a harm reduction worker is prevention! Each box represents 240 opportunities of prevention of HIV for those struggling with Substance Use Disorder. That’s 240 lives. Love and light to all living with and supporting folx with HIV.

Daniel Weaver

Good morning, family. Here is my photo for A Day with HIV. Stay well everyone!

Jeffery Parks

Ugh. It’s such a horrible photo, but I had to participate. A Day with HIV is an annual event sponsored by Positively Aware. I didn’t want to participate this year because I’ve gained so much weight and my hair is so unkempt under these coronavirus precautionary measures. I can’t wait until this is all over. […]

Lynette Trawick

As I do everyday, I went to the gym to workout with some of my favorite people. In the end, we had an activity where we put on a mask, shared with the group what kind of mask we sometimes wear. I shared that I used to be ashamed of my HIV diagnosis. I shared […]