Wanda Brendle-Moss (2022) 1-2

Wanda Brendle-Moss

North Carolina,
United States
12:36 am
“A Lotta Love From My Friends”Anyone who follows my social media KNOWS it’s been the year from H&ll for me! My health scares, strokes, heart failure, high blood pressure, fluid in my body pushed my weight to 300lbs.! Losing my mind, living situation that’s almost in total silence, Aging with HIV… I’m now 68.Let me tell you my friends, my Dab the AIDS Bear hugging me represents the thousands or so of you who’ve helped restore me to me. You helped me find Wanda the Strong Advocate for others again. I love you ALL beyond words. Dab Garner, thank you for my beloved bears! I celebrate you all.

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