Carlos Ernesto Masis

Fort Lauderdale
United States
1:48 pm
A Day with HIV is celebrated on September 22 to bring awareness, end the stigma, to bring hope, to publish more resources for those in need. For a few days I contemplated on what I would post today. I thought about posting about my time at work, or my time gardening, or enjoying my hobby with the butterflies, or my time at the studio creating artwork, or my time with my pets that I enjoy so much, or my time at the shelter where I volunteer, or time with friends eating out, or perhaps even visiting a relative. At the end, I choose what I usually forget that’s probably the most important, I choose myself. I choose my inner peace. I chose my mental health, so I walked to the beach and relaxed, and choose communion with the universe, with nature, being in harmony with everything and with myself. That’s perhaps my most important message today for anyone struggling in fear for their health, for their lives, for the acceptance of their community, their families and friends. Choose yourself, your inner peace; mental health is the foundation for a balance healthy life.

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