Kate Elling

Federal Way
United States
3:18 pm
I’m still here even though like so many of us were told to get our affairs in order. I refused to be a statistic, I refused to allow HIV to consume me. HIV is what I have not who I am. Many before me and many after me are betting the odds and growing old. I want people to know one of many faces who have HIV. I am a mother, sister, aunt and daughter. I look healthy ’cuz I am healthy thanks to the life saving medications. I thank all the scientists who have created medications that allow me to grow old. So I share my face to help stomp out stigma. Mostly sharing my face and story for those who can’t for whatever the reason, change happens one story at a time. I’m still here, I’m healthy, And I’m loveable!!! Blessed to be a long-term survivor.30 years HIV+. Still here still living life!

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