Jeffrey Feliz-Ybes v2 square (2021)

Jeffrey Feliz-Ybes

The Bronx
New York,
United States
4:36 pm
At the Montefiore Medical Clinic, where I work. A Day with HIV is quite simple and lacking excitement, especially compared to what I used to do prior but for me it is the most rewarding day that fills my soul with contentment, genuine pleasure, and humility. As a man who has navigated from the fashion industry to adult entertainment, searching for purpose in wealth, titles, and public adoration to define my worth, it is this one role in which I seek nothing other than to feed my soul with goodness with all that I believe that makes us human being of the highest and greatest energy of them all, infinite love. It is here where my soul feels fulfillment in service to others. It is not the service I do that does that, that would imply a need to be needed, it is connection with others across barriers of color, race, gender, age, religion, social economics, and the many more human barriers of separation, to affirm what I’ve always known to be true in my heart—that we are all just one and the same! @hivstopswithme

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