Wanda Brendle-Moss

Winston Salem
United States
10:17 pm
East Coast meets West Coast!! Its my privilege to be collaborating with Gregg Cassen of Shanties.org. on couple different programs…today I met the Cancer Divas…what positive energy My usual adventures are with Women’s HIV Support group…started as part of “Honoring Our Experience”, it truly is my honor and privilege to be “the Glue” as Gregg calls me. We are still growing, developing into a group where all women(and I’m hoping we’ll become inclusive of men joining us at least once a month!!! We are a beautiful entity for us, by us!! In this picture I’m here in Winston-Salem NC and Gregg and the Divas are in San Francisco… COVID19 has caused us to rethink how we connect in the advocacy world…ZOOM keeps us close!!!

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