Jacundo Ramos

United States
5:00 am
What is in a day with HIV? This day looks different for everyone. For me it’s being thankful for the start of a new journey. For me it’s continuously unlearning toxic generational biases and behaviors. For me it’s breaking the cycle and stepping out of my comfort zone. . When I was diagnosed three years ago I had no idea my life would change for the better. Three years ago I had no idea that HIV would help me shed my old skin and help me grow into someone new. Three years ago I thought my life was over. . Three years later I am stronger, happier, kinder, and more levelheaded than I ever would’ve imagined. Meet yourself where you are, and understand that the way you are feeling right now is valid. Remember that you are important. And remember that your story is a radical act of healing. . Jacundo Ramos, He/She/They

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