10:47 PM
Los Angeles, California
United States
Eugene Huffman (aka liebeKunst): A Day with HIV surrounded by my Art.
10:50 PM
San Diego, California
United States
Jacen Zhu: As #UndetectableMan, I have to continue my personal fitness 3–4 times a week. Although I have super strength, going to the gym relieves my stress and anxiety. I love a late night workout before bed—it’s me time. No matter if I’m there for 10 minutes or 45 minutes, the gym is a second home and critical to my wellness.
11:00 PM
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Reggie Dunbar II: Take your HIV meds and all other meds, no matter where you are or whatever you are doing, and on-time as directed by your medical team to get virally suppressed, and stay virally suppressed, living and thriving with HIV. U=U!
11:01 PM
Denver, Colorado
United States
Robert Riester: When my beard is in harmony with my wrinkles, it’s a good day. HIV and Aging isn't always easy, in fact it's usually quite difficult. I've always kept my beard trimmed for work, but a recent Type 2 diabetes diagnosis left my face sunken more so than it had during the DDI days of old. In doing a lot of advocacy about HIV and Aging I had to embrace myself and rethink of how I saw myself. Thanks #ADayWithHIV for letting me see me.
11:30 PM
San Francisco, California
Tez Anderson: The end of a day with HIV in San Francisco at Let's Kick ASS' office. Long live HIV Long-Term Survivors! Doing what I love is not work. Cheers, Tez.