This is what A DAY WITH HIV looks like

On Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, people across the United States and in 11 other countries photographed a moment of their day for A Day with HIV to portray 24 hours in the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS.
No matter who you are, or where you are, we are all affected by HIV.

6:00 PM
Tucson, Arizona
24 years living with AIDS, 34 years with HIV, and living to see that we could get married. Happy.
6:00 PM
Boston, Massachusetts
Executive Committee and Planning Council Support monthly meeting. The mission of the Boston Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA) Ryan White Planning Council is to improve the quality of lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Boston EMA by responding to their existing and emerging needs. Learn more:
6:30 PM
Manhattan, Kansas
I serve as community advisor to the Sexuality and Gender Alliance at Kansas State University. Here with the executive board at their weekly meeting. I am in the center. I was diagnosed with HIV in August, 1985.
6:33 PM
Huntington Beach, California
As the sun sets, I surrender in Lotus headstand. Grateful for the courageous ones who stood before me and fought for a cocktail of medications that sustain undetectable levels of HIV in my body. I commit to stand taller this year and utilize inversions of new ideas that combat stigma, and discuss the cure. From privilege, I'll work to elevate my brothers, sisters, and trans, who are living with HIV, to a life which thrives in creativity, courage, and authenticity. Namaste!
7:00 PM
Chicago, Illinois
Going to the theatre with friends to see Wonderful Town.
7:04 PM
Sacramento, California
Cap City AIDS Fun volunteers doing their thing in honor of Patty Blomberg.
7:10 PM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Twilight skyline view of Philadelphia from Queen Village. Ivy Stencler and Mark A. Davis demonstrating for a Citywide Suicide & Overdose Prevention Plan to save lives lost to addiction and despair. Mark has survived HIV for 28 years, a suicide attempt, and is a  loss survivor; in recovery from addictions, living with Bipolar II and a proud gay American. Ivy and Dave are fabulous neighbors and devoted allies. September is Suicide and Addiction Prevention Month. For help, go to, or call 1-800-273-TALK. Photographed by Dave Stencle, Stencler Designs, Inc.
7:18 PM
South Africa
I took this picture with my colleagues who have now become my friends because I spend the most time with them! They have been so good to me and they bring daily life into my life. So blessed to be surrounded by people with winning attitudes. #endhivhate #endthestigma #love #donthate #yestolife #notohate
7:50 PM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
King Koa had a busy day. He was apart of The Speakers of Life training, and then we had some playground fun. He's going to sleep great tonight.
8:00 PM
, Arizona
Living life to the extreme every day.
8:15 PM
Clover, South Carolina
United States
Get up, thankful that I am healthy. Go to work, come home, eat dinner with my amazing partner, and finally relax with a beer and some football.
10:00 PM
Struthers, Ohio
Living the dream with the love of my life, my husband Dan. HIV doesn't define me. I'm the captain of this ship. H-HOPE I-INCREDIBLY healthy V-VIBRANTLY alive
10:30 PM
Toledo, Ohio
United States
Worked my regular site as a Community Health Worker helping people obtain insurance and medical services at the free clinic tonight run by the local university's medical students. My sister is a first year med student, and this was her first night volunteering. Bring on the A Team!  :)
10:45 PM
Chicago, Illinois
I don't think about it anymore. It's been years and many empty bottles, but I'm too busy with living life. That one pill every day helps me forget. Live long and prosper.
11:30 PM
Atlanta, GA
I kept thinking what A Day with HIV will be like and I couldn't come up with an answer or picture. My 24 hours of A Day Wit HIV was spent at the CDC STD Prevention Conference, with a balance of activism, knowledge, networking, representing my fellow Latinxs and AFC, self-care, wine, coffee, running and friendship. Este soy yo #sinfiltros.