7:54 PM
Richmond, Virginia
Rob Rodney and Kasey Fury: Faco Friday Friends! Starting Richmond Pride Weekend off right! 🏳️‍🌈
8:00 PM
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Wanda Brendle-Moss: Currently at ADAP Advocacy 8th Annual Awards Dinner listening to Josh Robins remind us it's A Day With HIV.
8:09 PM
Sarasota, Florida
Daniel Weaver: Hanging out at home. Life is good. Best friends are the BEST!
8:30 PM
Gainesville, Florida
Lovell Harp: Life is beautiful!
8:48 PM
Jersey City, New Jersey
David Phillips: Staying cool while cooking with my husband and our dog gone for a while.
9:07 PM
West New York, New Jersey
Xio Mora-Lopez: Expressing my "inner unicorn" and winding down after a day of paperwork.
9:25 PM
North Canton, Ohio
Bob A. Mohr: All packed and ready for the North Coast 24-Hour Ultra! My fifth 24-hour race, hoping to hit 100 miles for the first time at a 24-hour race. Running has kept me healthy physically and mentally since being diagnosed almost seven years ago! With God all things are possible!💪#blacksheep #neversaydie #nevergiveup #mylifemypathmyjourney #myadidas #GOBLUE #fightstigmas #nofilters #dontcriticizewhatyoudontunderstand #HIVpoz #nostigma #noshame
9:39 PM
Las Vegas, Nevada
Deral K. Takushi: Going to a concert with my best friend.
10:13 PM
Washington, D.C.
Tez Anderson: With HIV and aging advocate Hanna Tessema. In D.C. for the ADAP Advocacy Association Conference to pick up an award for Best Social Media Campaign.
10:20 PM
Salt Lake City, Utah
Brian Rodriguez: I live in Salt Lake City, where there is still plenty of education to be taught. I live in a community where I am able to be open, honest, and free about my status. More support me than turn me away. I have learned that we can always overcome, no matter what. I live with HIV and it's not the end.
11:38 PM
Richmond, Virginia
Rob and Danny argue over who is the best Golden Girl while falling asleep the night before Richmond Pride. #RVAGays. #ADayWithHIV #FearLessLoveMore #CondomsRoseCondomsCondomsCondoms
11:58 PM
San Francisco, California
Dragon Terry: Just me!