On September 22, 2017, people from all over the world captured a moment of
their day to share their stories and stand together against stigma.

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A day with HIV
will return
september 22,
produced by Positively Aware
7:15 PM
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
Josh Robbins: Reminding myself that humor has always gotten me through the hard parts of living with HIV. #stayPositive
7:31 PM
Los Angeles, California
United States
Miracle Mike Hennessey: My baby Dora the Explorer and I enjoying the first day of Autumn....inspired by living with HIV and AIDS for 27 years and being able to experience this moment.
7:33 PM
Federal Way, Washington
United States
Kate: HIV/AIDS affects me, you, and everyone. Whether or not you have HIV or not, it affects us all. My family is living with HIV, as I am; the only difference is I have to take medication and have my blood drawn. HIV is what I have, not who I am, so don't judge just cause you don't understand. Ask for an explanation and learn about HIV. The more educated you are, the less at risk you are, and the less stigma will exist.
7:35 PM
Kings Mountain, North Carolina
United States
Juan Aguilar: 10,220 days living with HIV = 28 years. Diagnosed in 1989 at age 23 in Mexico City. After I was diagnosed, I dropped out of college because I was told I should go home to die. But I was one of the lucky ones to survive. Now I am undetectable, healthy and love to share my story.
8:01 PM
Staten Island, New York
United States
Sharell: Still able to smile while living with HIV. I have a very supportive family and great friends. I take my medication Odefsey once a day.
8:28 PM
New York, New York
United States
Charles Sanchez: At a rehearsal studio in Manhattan, after a day of meetings and rehearsals for season 2 of my HIV-positive musical comedy web series, I take a moment to reflect on how full my life is. Full of creativity, friends, family, music, laughter, and joy. HIV wasn't invited to my party, but since she's here, I make that bitch dance!
8:33 PM
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Kevin Irvine: Relaxing at home with my 11 year-old daughter and our friends is a perfect way to spend part of A Day with HIV. Being well into my fourth decade with HIV, I try not to take any of the good days/weeks/months/years for granted. #LiveOn
8:34 PM
Long Beach, California
United States
Michael Buitron: The group hug at the end of Support Positive, a newly diagnosed drop-in group I've been doing at The LGBTQ Center Long Beach for six years. Two new participants today, along with new disclosures in a room full of non-judgmental, supportive peers.
8:39 PM
Portland, Oregon
United States
Benjamin Gerritz: #ADaywithHIV in #Oregon's High Desert city of Bend for #HealthCareforAllOregon Board Retreat. Honored to serve as our statewide non-profit's elected volunteer Vice President, working to advance creation of equitable access to universal, publicly funded health care covering everyone in Oregon and the United States.
8:45 PM
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Christina: Movie Night with the kids. 23 years ago I never thought I would see today. HIV is no longer a death sentence. With treatment I have been undetectable all these years, and have been able to have children—all born negative—without passing the virus. Without the worry of transmitting the virus. #Undetectable=Uninfectious #UequalsU
8:45 PM
Detroit, Michigan
United States
LaDawn Tate: My Day with HIV: Sitting at home, enjoying my peace and quiet while the boys are away. Relaxation.
9:01 PM
Peterborough, Ontario
Brittany Cameron: Today we finally received our #UequalsU shirts for tomorrow's Peterborough Pride Parade! It's an honor to be able to bring this message to the community.
9:47 PM
New York, New York
United States
Robert Suttle: To fight HIV stigma and the isolation it causes, I like to get out day or night and connect with other social communities or networks of people living with HIV.