5:02 PM
Mount Gilead, Ohio
Mark Byrd: I received a bouquet of flowers from a mysterious amour. No name on the card. I wonder who sent me the flowers as I think they are gorgeous.
5:10 PM
Denver, Colorado
Davina Conner (Dee): I wore my new pants I made all day today. I love when someone asks questions about U=U. I waited all day so someone can take my picture.
5:20 PM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Robert Breining: Preparing for some upcoming POZ I AM Radio shows. I'm was excited to receive my customized Funko Pop in the mail. It's combines both my passion for advocacy and my love of Funko.
5:27 PM
Charlottesville, Virginia
Shawn Decker: In previous years I’ve shared photos highlighting my immaculate beauty in all of its glory for A Day With HIV... but not this year! Feeling cruddy and getting over a pesky bug. I think it’s important to share those times, too.
5:31 PM
Miami, Florida
Alecia M. Tramel: Hanging around my homegirl's house watching TV after running errands and my doctor's appointment today.
6:00 PM
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
United Kingdom
Maurice Greenham: Home after a day of workshops, preparing for Live Age Festival 2018. Diagnosed HIV-positive in 1984, I developed AIDS in 1994 and was given six months to live. I turned 77 this week—leading a full and rewarding life, working with many cultural, social and community groups—not just living with HIV! Looking forward to participating in the Live Age Festival, and then later this year another adventure to the other side of the planet.
6:00 PM
In the Swaps, Louisiana
Sian Green: A mother's job never ends. Spending time with my children, while eating funnel cakes and stuffed snowballs dripped with condensed milk, is everything. Reflecting on the greatness in our lives. A smile for those individuals who did not get the chance to smile or are suffering in silence because of fear. I smile because I know "IT'S OKAY."
6:12 PM
Enderby, British Columbia
Mikiki: I went secondhand shopping with my mother while visiting her in a small mountain town to prepare for an upcoming drag performance. I got these clip-on earrings and necklace and laid them out on her bed to show my colleague before momma and I made dinner.
6:17 PM
Dallas, Texas
Ashley Maldonado: This picture was taken before I surprised my bf at his job with food—LOL! I decided to do this one because regardless of my status he managed to accept me for who I am and not for what I have. Thank you for loving me and not letting my status come between us. Love you ☺️
6:30 PM
Baltimore, Maryland
Carmaletta Able: Living Positively.
6:30 pm
Washington, D.C.
Zee Strong; At the ADAP conference.
6:36 PM
Seattle, Washington
TJ: Grateful for today. Nineteen years HIV-positive. Living my life to its absolute fullest. Tomorrow (Sept. 22) is my 49th birthday, and four months post-op from a quadruple bypass from HIV complications. Not going to slow me down. My partner, friends, and family keep me safe and sane 24 hours a day.
6:40 PM
Atlanta, Georgia
Wanona Thomas: Enjoying dinner with one of my dinner.
6:45 PM
Quincy, Illinois
Tamara Mayfield-Dietrich: I am doing POUND Rockout Workout fitness—it’s a cardio workout inspired by drumming and it’s totally changed my life. I lost 50 pounds doing this workout. As for my HIV story, I was with a guy that I thought was committed to me. I found out I was HIV-positive when I was seven months pregnant with our first son. We had been together almost three years, so I never thought that I would ever get this diagnosis. I was also nursing a crack addiction; when the doctor’s office called me I thought they were calling about the crack they found in my system. I was diagnosed June 13, 2003—Friday the 13th to be specific. Fifteen years later and two more children later,—all my children are HIV-negative—I’m living the best life possible. I started as a student doing this fitness class in 2016 and it’s been awesome to watch my transformation. I’ve been teaching POUND since December 2017. I still have my ups and-downs, but it’s a lot better than before. I’m no longer smoking crack. I married the man of my dreams in April 2018, so I’m living the newlywed life and love the fact that he accepts me with my HIV diagnosis. I teach POUND 5–6 times a week in my hometown of Hannibal, Missouri, and in Canton, and I teach in Quincy, Illinois, at the local YMCA. I want to give a shout out to Design It, a company in Canton, who designed my shirt, and to BW photography for taking my photo.  
6:48 PM
Quincy, Illinois
Tamara Mayfield Dietrich: Teaching my class I found fitness Rebels. HIV or not, we need to stay healthy.
7:00 PM
Tallahassee, Florida
United States
Paula Kiger: Tallahassee’s Neighborhood Medical Center held a Happy Hour focused on #STDPrevention. As a parent of young adults, a friend of #Midlifers re-entering the dating world and an ally to #LGBTQIA people, I appreciate how they educate, inform and support.
7:04 PM
Olathe, Kansas
Kalvin Pugh: I’ve spent all day thinking about taking this picture, and finally decided to take it when I got to the one place I’m at my best, in the gym. Where I feel at my strongest, most honest self. In the gym, like in life, I’m not where I want to be, but I’ve begun to understand that it’s not about being perfect or the end goal. The journey is where the beauty truly lies. I live with HIV loudly because there are so many who cannot. I hope that in living all of my truth others find strength.
7:09 PM
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Michael Bivens: After a busy day of being a consumer advocate for the Charlotte Ryan White TGA, my hubby took me out of my comfort zone to a food truck fair downtown on a beautiful last summer evening. Some days I'm very busy and some days there isn't much to do, but after not dying from AIDS several times in my 33 years of living with HIV, every day not in the hospital is a great day. Getting to spend the day advocating and then going home to my husband and dog is an awesome day.
7:30 PM
Burlington, North Carolina
Billy Willis: Planning out the grand opening of our co-op. Some of us are artists, some are tradesmen, all of us are young and ambitious professionals. Just #ADayWithHIV for me
7:45 PM
Brighton, Sussex
Mel: Working on the new website for Positively Mindful and developing plans for #PositiveAffirmationDay 2018. Most days I don’t think about my status; it doesn’t stop me from living a full life. My advocacy work is just a small part of what I do.