4:33 PM
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Nicole Smith: I just got home from a birthday weekend in Detroit, and came home to these beautiful pink roses from a PWN sister. I love our community and how we take care of each other! I’m 44 and living with HIV over 21 years.
4:36 PM
Palm Bay, Florida
United States
Cheryl: All about U=U!
4:40 PM
Warkworth, Ontario
Bob Leahy: Basset hound Ruby isn’t my only dog, but she is the most sociable. Her love knows no bounds. HIV means nothing to her. She is a true friend, never has bad days, no worries except where the next tear or next hug is coming from. Ruby truly lives a day without HIV every day. I try to do the same.
5:00 PM
Hackensack, New Jersey
United States
Artie M. Jordan: I'm not only a PrEP counselor and HIV tester, I also have the pleasure of being the person behind all the social media platforms here at Buddies of New Jersey. We are a small organization, but we sure are a MIGHTY one, a FORCE to be RECKONED with! I always have my camera with me and thought "what the heck!" I would try taking pictures for A Day with HIV. Even if you don't use the photos, it was a fun photo shoot. Thank you for the ounce of motivation to keep this fight going! Equality for all people no matter their status or gender!
5:00 PM
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Eddie Wiley: I’m here for #ADayWithHIV! It’s another chance to battle stigma. I took this picture to show there’s no shame in being HIV positive. Because I’m undetectable, I can’t sexually transmit the virus!
5:03 PM
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States
Madison Markley: Sitting in a local Starbucks. I took this photo to remind myself to fight for others, that even in public spaces I can be active in speaking out for those who may not be able to or want to speak for themselves. Education is one of the biggest barriers to having a fully inclusive environment; we could all use a day to spend speaking for and acting out for those with HIV.
5:05 PM
Fort Wayne, Indiana
United States
Michelle Y Harris: In February 2012, a friend rushed me to the ER because I could not breathe. I was flown by helo to the hospital because there wasn't time to spare. Once I got there, I coded twice on the table and my only son was told I’d never leave the hospital. I was placed in a medical coma and suffered a few brain seizures. After almost five weeks in a coma, I was rudely told that I had HIV and would live two years. I want to help save lives now.
5:11 PM
Cleveland, Ohio
United States
Out for a walk after a fun day. Folks asking me what does my shirt mean. Itell then I=I is French for U=U, which means undetectable equals untransmittable. Which means today I’m living my best life.... yessss.
5:19 PM
Seattle, Washington
United States
T.J. Elston: Today, I surprised my fiancé of six years—together 13 years—at my 50th birthday party (which he planned) by marrying him (which I planned). All a surprise for him. Arranged the whole thing with all our friends, without him knowing any of it. I did not think I would ever be able to let someone love me for just being me. I felt that HIV had damaged me, ruined me, and that I was not worthy of love, but his immediate yes confirmed for me that I am not damaged and that can be loved, if I get out of my way.
5:20 PM
San Antonio, Texas
United States
David Cisneros: Spent my morning with a client who was unhappy about returning to their residential treatment center, so they decided to spit in my hair for most of the drive. After using my lunch break to go home and shower, I returned to the office to finish out the day. Now I’m driving to a training to be deputized as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar to ensure my fellow San Antonians are registered for the upcoming election. This is my second A Day with HIV,  but my first since coming out about my status. I’m tired, y’all.
5:23 PM
Beavercreek, Ohio
United States
Emilee Brewer: Cuddling with my puppy is the best way to rewind after a long day. Glad one of us is comfortable. Living with HIV is hard, but I am strong and have such amazing friends and family, and a dog that loves me no matter what. #EndTheStigma #ADayWithHIV
5:28 PM
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
United States
Angel Luis Hernandez: Halfway into my daily walk on the beach. This is La Poza del Obispo (Bishop's Pond) in the northwest part of Puerto Rico. To succeed in our advocacy effort focused on older adults living with HIV, we need self care. This spot is my patio, my meditation place, my gym; my physical, occupational, respiratory, and psychological therapies. Taking care of myself is caring for you all.
6:00 PM
Tuscumbia, Alabama
United States
Katie Willingham: I take my meds every day and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill. I take a multivitamin because my doctor says it’s good for me, and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill, I take meds for depression and anxiety because mental health matters, and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill, I take my antiretrovirals to control my HIV because it helps me to live a long, healthy life and it also prevents the spread of the virus, ending the epidemic with me. I do this every day. and it’s no big deal; it’s just a pill.
6:18 PM
Pikesville, Maryland
United States
Jerome A Singletary: My friend and mentor Mark S. King sent me a prompt to take part in A Day with HIV to help raise awareness and end the spread of this epidemic. So to all of my friends and family if you are positive yourself please take a picture of yourself and caption it a day with HIV just as I have done here! Stay positive! I saw my doctor today—all good!
6:18 PM
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Deral Takushi: Being a tourist in our hometown, enjoying the beautiful views of the city and the company.
6:30 PM
Kevin Kelland and husband Steve Voysey: On honeymoon, living life to the fullest! We met 14 years ago. On September 10, we re-registered our civil partnership of eight years to marriage. Photo taken on the famous Nun’s Swing in the 13th century Courtyard of St. Francis during the photo exhibition, “The Italians,” featuring Sophia Loren. I've now been living with HIV since 1986! Being visible, and being proud will always challenge stigma.
06:35 PM
Olathe, Kansas
Kalvin: HIV has taught me a lot over the last three years. It taught me who I really am when the going gets tough, it taught me that I’m unbreakable, and it taught me that you have a choice-be a voice or a victim.
06:40 PM
Brea, California
United States
Josué E. Hernandez: Here I am, after a long day at work, enjoying one of my favorite things—the beautiful California sunset. My goal, by sharing my personal story, is to raise awareness around HIV/AIDS and help break the stigma around this disease.
6:43 PM
Jersey City, New Jersey
United States
David Phillips: 37 years and 23 days with HIV, thankful to be home from a long day doing meaningful work with interesting and intelligent people for an employer that values personal well-being and doesn’t care if I don’t shave or wear a t-shirt and tasteful gym shorts to the office.
6:50 PM
Sarasota, Florida
United States
Valerie Wojciechowicz: “Grounding” in my yard after work. Surrounded in beauty and serenity. I found what works to balance HIV work and life.