3:01 PM
Chicago, Illinois
Jay Lacey: On my lunch break enjoying the last days of summer in the Chicago Loop. Diagnosed in high school in 1990 and infected in 1988, my very first words after being diagnosed were that I would never see my 21st birthday. Today, I am 45, healthy, undetectable, single😉, and living life for tomorrow. Regardless of our status, we ALL live with HIV. Live life hard and love life even harder!!
3:04 PM
Stockton, California
Efrén Solanas: I intend to spend this day expanding acceptance and strengthening the health and happiness of all LGBTQ+ folk of all ages. I am at the San Joaquin Pride Center in Stockton.
3:06 PM
Cobourg, Ontario
Bob Leahy: Shopping at Walmart. If it seems mundane, that’s what life with HIV can be in 2018, thanks to advances in treatment and U=U.
3:30 PM
Ant Babajee: ❤️📸 No shame about being HIV+: I’m president of the Middlesex University Public Health Society and today I’m working on what we’ll be talking to our new students about at the Freshers’ Fair next week—we’ll be talking to them about PrEP and U=U, of course!
3:30 PM
Buffalo, New York
Donna: A Day with HIV is no different from any other day thanks to advancements in medicine and U=U. This is what has inspired me to be able to share in my day with HIV. I am just getting home from teaching elementary students which I’ve been doing for about 22 years. Although my life changed with HIV, I don’t let HIV and stigma control my life or my story.
3:40 PM
Chicago, Illinois
Will Wilson: After being diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this summer, I'm sharing the good news that the biopsy that was taken earlier in the week is benign. I'm also noticing that I'm starting to look slightly unkempt. Where are those scissors and razor?
3:54 PM
Goiânia, Goias
Daniel Santos: Although I've been living in Dublin, Ireland, for nearly a decade, I’m on holiday in my homeland, Goiânia, in Brazil. I was inspired to take this picture by the friendly daily reminder when I take my meds. HIV is just an undetectable part of me. Being undetectable = I can’t pass it on. I’m a living form of protection against the spread of HIV vírus—this is empowering! The good news is that my family now believes in the science, leaving behind stigmatising religious beliefs! Family bonding trip!
4:00 PM
Shepherd Ranch, California
Jason Bennett: Heading to the Big Indian Pow Wow Spirituality Ceremony tomorrow at Indian Grinding State Park Chaw'se with Shanti!
4:00 PM
Los Angeles, California
Damone Thomas: A day with HIV as a Treatment Education Specialist at APLA Health & Wellness includes educating myself on HIV/AIDS information and using motivational interviewing to help my clients identify the challenges and barriers preventing them from taking their medication and their treatment and overall—all while doing HIV testing and counseling on a part-time basis.
4:05 PM
Maz: My eyes were opened when I moved to Chicago for three months to work with TPAN and Positively Aware magazine. Live another day to fight for your happiness, health and enjoy the world around you. Today is for my beloved friends who are living with HIV. Your continued courage and zest for life never ceases to amaze me.
4:12 PM
Latham, New York
Mika De Roo: I’m an HIV-negative ally. In an effort to support people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, I’ve participated in 11 AIDS rides as a volunteer—10 since 2008 as part of BRAKING AIDS Ride. This photo is a #latergram from last week’s ride. Since 2014, I’ve worked in Housing Works’ Advocacy Department. I remember those who have died of AIDS. I’m proud to be of service in our collective work to end our AIDS epidemic and to ensure those living with HIV can live their lives fully.
4:13 PM
Toledo, Ohio
Joseph Smith: I still have to live and I still have to work. The world does not stop because of my being HIV-positive. Therefore, I must keep moving!
4:15 PM
Houston, Texas
Eddie Gonzalez: I tested positive in 2010, but did not disclose my status until 2012 because I was simply afraid. I can remember how heavy that burden became, and have dedicated to to be a voice of hope. I've been advocating and educating since then, no solo para mi comunidad Latina, sino para toda la gente, the best possible way I know how; through the arts and the media. That talent is my best weapon to fight and end the stigma. "If you're positive... you cannot be negative".
4:18 PM
Miami Beach, Florida
Alberto Perez Bermudez: I have been living with HIV since I was 18; I’m also a long-term survivor of 30 years. I'm doing great on my meds, and have been in a clinical trial for four years now. As a heterosexual and a leader in the Hispanic community, I love to educate as many people as I can about HIV issues. I'm here for my HIV community.
4:20 PM
Peterborough, Ontario
Brittany Cameron: Preparing for Peterborough Pride. Embracing history. Fighting the stigma. One parade at a time.
4:30 PM
Washington, D.C.
Jennifer Vaughan: Still humming with excitement, relief, and gratitude after having the opportunity to share my HIV/AIDS Story at the 11th Annual ADAP Conference in Washington, D.C. I spoke to a room full of strangers for 30 minutes yesterday. They listened, they laughed, AND they surprised me with unexpected clapping mid-speech that validated my presence and purpose in that moment. Those “strangers” sure did make me feel like family within minutes, it was magical.
4:35 PM
Cleveland, Ohio
Brooke Willis: Just chillin' at the office with a couple friends who get me.
4:38 PM
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Michelle Harris: Me on a breezy evening, enjoying every minute of my life. Once my eyes open in the morning and I can hear the birds singing and the leaves blowing outside my window, I know it will be a wonderful day. Because I am a live. I have a roof over my head and can take care of myself. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY.
4:40 PM
New York, New York
Krishna Stone: As an HIV-negative ally and GMHC employee for 25 years, I champion people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. I remember those who have died of AIDS. Our collective work continues. Be of service with love. ❤️
4:43 PM
Indianapolis, Indiana
Samantha: I was meeting my friend for dinner and decided to take a picture while I was waiting in the car. I have HIV, but it does not define me. I’m still a beautiful person, inside and out.