1:08 PM
Southport, Maine
Hamilton Brower: This is what living with HIV for 30 years looks like for me. Ecstatic when it's a good day! Sharing all I've learned about whole food nutrition with everyone who is open to learning. Especially my HIV-positive brothers and sisters. Let's THRIVE together as we age! Who'd have thought? #noshame #nostigma #weareone #surthriving
1:17 PM
the Netherlands
Eliane Becks Nininahazwe: A Day with HIV is a day I keep on living, doing what I like .Beiing in control of my HIV virus by doing sports to keep my body in shape and staying healthy. This will allow me to fight the stigma surrounding HIV as some people have always had a certain image of what somebody with HIV should look like. I prove them wrong by my sporty, gorgeous look! I am in charge, not HIV.
1:20 PM
Nashville, Tennessee
Brady Dale Morris: Don't let the smile on my face distract from the scars on my heart. I choose to smile despite them. #ADayWithHIV #UequalsU
1:29 PM
Bradenton, Florida
Angel Stetson: Enjoying the peace of the day. Life is amazing. #u=u #iamnothiv #notsickthriving
1:45 PM
San Francisco, California
Bobbee Trans Mooremon: Seven years ago today I was raped while looking at a room for rent at a friend of a friend’s apartment. PrEP wasn’t around back then and I was not aware of PEP so I contracted HIV from my rapist. Since I had been celibate for a year and a half, and had negative HIV tests within that time, they were pretty certain I contracted HIV from my rapist. September 21 is always a difficult day for me.  #PositivelyTrans #EndStigma #KnockOutTransphobia #EndAIDS #RapeSurvivor
1:55 PM
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cree Gordon: I have been HIV-positive for 13 years. The last time I participated in A Day With HIV was in 2011. My opposites attract photo made such an impact on folks in my life and the people I came in contact via education opportunities and social media, I did not think I could top it. Advancements in HIV have been made, so I thought I would update it. Treatment as Prevention works to reduce HIV transmission. PrEP works to reduce HIV transmission. We can end HIV with the help of TasP & PrEP; we just have to address the barriers of access, especially for Black, Latino, rural and low/no income folks. That can happen! We can get to zero! Please join me in ending HIV & the stigma attached to it ❤️ (The first photo is my 2018 version with @green.mckinley; the second is my photo from 2011 with @matzeumer)
1:57 PM
Andrew Espinosa: Twenty-one years ago, while living in Poland, I found out I was living with HIV. I was able to stay here, start treatment in a clinical trial, and received incredible care from amazing doctors. I will always be grateful for the care, support, and love that I received while here which kept me alive. I return annually to see my friends and doctors. Today was an especially beautiful day here!
2:00 PM
Houston, Texas
Eunice with coworker Andrea taking a break from work to fight the stigma surrounding HIV.
2:00 PM
New York, New York
Frank New: My favorite color is pattern. Live bright and let your light shine bright.
2:00 PM
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Leanza Cornett: Proud to wear my Red Ribbon shoes in the Miss America Parade on the famous boardwalk.
2:06 PM
Chicago, Illinois
Kevin Irvine: I've had HIV for almost 40 years and been living openly with HIV since 1990. Back then, it would have been hard to imagine that I would someday have a job recruiting people with disabilities to work at a major hospital system in Chicago (Rush.) This was at the Windy City Times' WERQ LGBTQ job fair, at Center on Halsted.
2:15 PM
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Chhaya Susanna Feder: Getting ready to meet a group to go to Bimini in the Bahamas to swim with dolphins. Twenty-three years undetectable and determined. Positively positive.
2:27 PM
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Lyle Muns
2:27 PM
Kailua Kona, Hawai'i
Kekoa Kealoha: Battling stigma requires daily visibility, honesty, and transparency. It requires strength, persistence, and compassion. Sometimes it requires someone who has the audacity to fight back. No matter who you are, what you believe, or what your status is, every day is #adaywithhiv.
2:31 PM
San Francisco, California
Phil Diers: My partner took this photo of me today in San Francisco after I went to the gym, where I did weight training and a short swim. In August, I competed in swimming at Gay Games 10 in Paris, France, where I had so much support and encouragement from my teammates, coaches, my partner, and close friends. It was very uplifting! I've been swimming with a mostly LGBTQ masters swim club since 2009. I've been HIV positive since 1986 and diagnosed with AIDS in 1995 including hospitalizations. Today, I feel great!
Tampa, Florida
Kahlil Hall, Outreach Coordinator: No matter what I have been through, I still look good. Stay woke about your status and live your Best Life.
2:51 PM
Las Vegas, Nevada
Connie Shearer: There is nothing better than hanging out with your colleagues after a successful Empowerment Group for PLHIV. HIV Peer Navigators Patricia McClain and Carlos Wallace sitting with Administrative Assistant Connie Shearer in the living room of the Golden Rainbow in Las Vegas discussing U=U. Just another day with HIV.
3:00 PM
San Francisco, California
Steve Ibarra: I am the love I want to see in the world. HIV-positive 18 years and thriving to build community one person at a time with the healing of love included. A reverend ordained in June 2018, I am the messenger of the positive spirit of our lives.
3:00 PM
San Francisco, California
Jason Bennett: Spending the Weekend with Shanti at Catherine's House.
3:00 PM
Washington, D.C.
Larry Frampton: This is a picture of me speaking on a panel at the ADAP Advocacy Association Conference today in Washington D.C.