11:15 AM
Springfield, Massachusetts
Paulo Salvador: The best way to predict the future is to create it.
11:17 AM
Manila, NCR
Yomi: As an HIV counselor, I trained for three years at one of the largest treatment facilities in the Philippines. Every session with a client and their loved one always leaves me thinking. Ultimately, you are also a client, in need of care and attention. You will be just a little different, because you are on the frontline, assuring them that there is still life after becoming HIV-positive. There is hope as long as you help yourself to stand up again.
11:18 AM
Barrie, Ontario
Randy Davis: Showing off the brilliantly designed Canadian themed packaging by ONE brand condoms. I ordered these just yesterday afternoon and they landed on my desk shortly after 9:30 a.m. this morning. I didn’t expect them to come so quickly. Ohhhh,  Canada! 🇨🇦😜 #adaywithhiv #onecondoms #canadaproud #canada #condoms #u=u
11:20 AM
Atlanta, Georgia
Darriyhan Edmond: 1,725 days living with HIV. Every night before bed I take my meds, almost choking myself trying to swallow that pill. Thinking I hope there comes a day where I never have to take you again. There were times I used to break down but I’ve learned that crying will not change my status, so I wipe my face clean from the tears and replace that cry with a smile. For we only have one life to live, and I choose not to let HIV control or determine what my life would be.
11:30 AM
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Gina Collins: Taking care of my health at the dentist office. It's also the day after my 13th anniversary of my HIV diagnosis. #nolongerlivinginsilence
11:30 AM
Washington, D.C.
Ronald Shannon and Demetrius Smith: On A Day with HIV, the Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services (UCHAPS) is excited to take part in eliminating stigma and celebrating the lives of those living with HIV!
11:30 AM
Jacksonville, Florida
Liz Sims: I Am Me, Not HIV.
11:33 AM
Washington, D.C.
Anthony Adero and James Manning: For us, HIV is just another dimension of who we are. We embrace it and realize HIV has given us love and made us understand what the constant need to have support means; HIV has given us something in common—community and love. We deal with HIV-related stigma and homophobia by recognizing that it exists. We embrace communication, compassion for ourselves and others living with HIV, equality, and building unconditional friendship.
12:00 PM
Brea, California
Josue E. Hernandez: A day with HIV means to me self-care, for example, going for long walks.
12:00 PM
Wilton Manors, Florida
Anthony Johnson: I'm just beginning my volunteer shift at the one and only World AIDS Museum and Educational Center. Every week I have the opportunity to educate about the history of HIV/AIDS, help reduce HIV stigma and shame, promote HIV awareness, and share what it's like living and THRIVING with HIV.
12:00 PM
Tuscumbia, Alabama
Katie Willingham: Enjoying the end of summer sun before the fall winds blow, even in rural Alabama HIV is a reality, so get tested and KNOW YOUR STATUS!!
12:00 PM
Houston, TX
United States
Kalvin and Eunice Marshall: Married for 34 years, both Kalvin and Eunice have been living with HIV for 12 years. They are a couple with a purpose. Photographed here at Legacy Community Health in Houston as the feature advocate profile for the clinic's publication: "We always take time to laugh and enjoy life as we advocate for Heterosexual HIV Awareness once a month in the lobby of the clinic. We are loving and enjoying life as a couple living with HIV."
12:20 PM
Valley Stream, New York
United States
Nancy Duncan: This is what living and thriving with HIV for 33 years looks like for me. I'll be 61 in a few weeks, and never thought I'd see 40. I actually have today off! #longtermsurvivor #grateful #adaywithhiv
12:27 PM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reverend Andrena Ingram: Thirty years in, I am still getting used to new norms and living life on life's terms. I am so grateful my pacemaker/defibrillator is still working and saving me. Though I am no longer a minister with a building, I minister on my terms: be it in a waiting room at cardiology or in a Lyft. I occasionally get emails and minister to someone just getting their diagnosis. I have fallen in love with the art of makeup, and am getting closer to my ancestors through drumming lessons. My spirituality is love.
1:00 PM
Holiday, Florida
Kathy: Getting ready to have 11 to 17 people over for dinner. Life is great and I am blessed. Long-term survivor since December 1991.
1:00 PM
Oceanside, Oregon
Darci Lyons: Enjoying a solo hike on the Oregon coast. Ain't nothing in this world gonna bring this girl down!
1:00 PM
San Francisco, California
Michael Peterson: I've had HIV for 11 years. I work in downtown San Francisco, and was inspired by the rooftops that I see every day from my office. Triumphing over this disease makes me feel like I'm walking on clouds all the time because I feel so fortunate—walking on rooftops with victory!
1:00 PM
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa
Cindy Pivacic: Checking out the penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa. HIV-positive going on 14 years; diagnosed November 2004, now 60 years old. I was diagnosed with AIDS in 2008, having acquired TB, meningitis, shingles, and pneumonia; I survived two strokes and cancer between 2004–2008. More recently, unrelated to HIV, I had a massive heart attack in March 2018, and a double bypass to go with it, and I am still here. Nothing should be allowed to impede your life, no matter what.
1:00 PM
Oakland, California
Joseph Chase: Met with H. Grant to save Harvey Milk Plaza (San Francisco’s Castro Street Muni station) from destruction by a crazy and wasteful plan. He is the original architect and we met to stop the proposal to demolish and replace the current station exterior and plaza. I am thrilled that as a long-term HIV survivor, I have the luxury to promote other causes in addition to my commitment to HIV/AIDS activism. Register and vote.
1:06 PM
Seattle, Washington
Michael Louella: After a lunch meeting discussing a new website, a poster on acceptability of cell and gene therapy approaches to an HIV cure, and the defeatHIV community engagement budget, I remembered today is a A Day with HIV! I snapped this pic in my office at Fred Hutch.