This is what A DAY WITH HIV looks like

On Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, people across the United States and in 11 other countries photographed a moment of their day for A Day with HIV to portray 24 hours in the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS.
No matter who you are, or where you are, we are all affected by HIV.

11:00 AM
New York, New York
I'm not much for selfies, however on this autumnal equinox, I'll pause and post this for A Day with HIV. HIV is not over, and certain trends even in the U.S. are alarming. Ignorance and Fear = Death. Let's not be ignorant. Let's be brave.
11:00 AM
Houston, Texas
United States
The newly formed Heterosexual HIV Awareness Task Force in Houston is reaching out to inform people of the increasing numbers of straight men and women being diagnosed in our neighborhoods. Giving out condoms, stressing the need to fight the stigma surrounding getting tested (together if you are a couple). We are at Legacy Community Health Center -Montrose once a month. We were both diagnosed in 2007, and are about to celebrate 32 years of marriage on December 21,2016.
11:00 AM
Boston, Massachusetts
Staff members at the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Network's Leadership and Operations Center support and honor the HIV/AIDS community. We very much value and appreciate the brave and selfless study participants who have taken part in our clinical trials over the past 30 years!
11:15 AM
Tucson, Arizona
United States
A day in the life of living well with HIV. Working with an intern here at Tucson Interfaith HIV/ AIDS Network (TIHAN) on her presentation about HIV and stigma. I was diagnosed in 1983; never thought I'd see the year 2000. Fast forward 33 years - I'm nearing 60 and still going strong!
11:24 AM
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Daily treadmill for at least a half hour. Keeping my ticker happy and healthy.
11:25 AM
Atlanta, GA
United States
Day 12,104: Preparing for a board meeting for The Grassroot Project (@GrassrootDC), who just got a new look to their website at Feeling positively excited about our efforts to keep D.C.'s youth in the know about HIV and those living with HIV through our innovative sports curriculum. #adaywithHIV
11:25 AM
Los Angeles, California
This year I have had the honor and privilege to be a triathlon swim coach for TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) of APLA Health, formerly AIDS Project Los Angeles. This season has been an incredible experience for all of the participating athletes, but most of all for me. I am healthy, I am full of life and I am achieving goals that I never thought were possible before. My family and I live life to the fullest and I am grateful.
11:30 AM
Ipperwash, Ontario
I was 32 when diagnosed HIV, and now I am 64; exactly half my life spent living with HIV. I would not be here today if not for all the many people who have contributed to my wellness. The people in my life, and all our caring and sharing for one another, has filled these years with endless affirmations that life is about LOVE.
11:41 AM
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
We're inspired by A Day with HIV to focus on HIV prevention.
11:45 AM
Salford, Greater Manchester
My seven-year journey with HIV has been full of surprises. I'm still waiting for our National Health Service to make PrEP available to those who need it, still demanding effective sex and relationships education in our schools, and I'm witnessing unprecedented cuts to our HIV support services. But I'm not letting that stop me. I'm embracing and educating the public as best as I can, showing people what living with HIV really means today. It's an exciting but challenging time for HIV in the UK.
11:49 AM
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Attending the Global Community Advisory Board Conference Call. This unique opportunity to learn from peers and share views and information is of added value in my professional development. I am passionate about all things related to HIV—advocacy, empowerment, research, community education, and meaningful involvement. I hope that my life experience and continued learning may lead other persons with HIV to join our response to HIV stigma and discrimination, and make change happens.
11:53 AM
Brighton, Massachusetts
So happy to be a part of this project. The stigma of HIV is very real, and the only way to battle it is to stand up and make ourselves visible.
12:00 PM
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Werking at the comic shop today; tired af, coffee ain't doing its job!
12:00 noon
San Francisco, California
United States
Twenty-seven-year long-term survivor here (diagnosed in 1989). Have lived in San Francisco since 1980, for the last 11 years with my fiancé Rick. Currently, I write features and a bi-monthly column ("For the Long Run") in A&U: America's AIDS Magazine. I have taken upon myself the obligation to ensure that our history, the history on the continuing AIDS crisis is told accurately and passionately. The first step in erasing a people is to erase or rewrite their history. I refuse to let that happen!
12:04 PM
Berwyn, Illinois
United States
I was diagnosed 12/30/2009 at 11:15 AM. I was homeless, jobless, and struggling with addiction. Today, I own a home, I am undetectable, I am clean from drugs, and I work in HIV prevention, giving back and helping those like I was, helped when I was diagnosed. I am HIV-positive, and proud to be who I am. I am not defined by a disease, an addiction, or anything else. This picture was taken by me at work.
12:05 PM
HIV will never stop me from traveling! This is me at Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. I’m excited to be here for the 2016 European AIDS Treatment Group General Assembly with my HIV/AIDS activist friends!
12:14 PM
St Georges Island, Florida
United States
I celebrated today (and so many days) being grateful for 23 years with my wonderful husband, Tom Bogdan.
12:15 PM
New York, New York
United States
Just another day in NYC, baby! Leaving the dentist, feeling fine on this warm last day of summer. HIV-positive, with an undetectable viral load and healthy t-cell count; proving to that life with HIV in the modern world can be joyous, with friends, family, and a healthy love life!
12:15 PM
Cape Coral, FL
I turned 51 this week! I have been living with HIV for 32 years. I am a teacher, motivational speaker, and executive director and founder of This is the Thursday goals setting class I teach for the City of Cape Coral.
12:15 PM
Cypress, Texas
I am 46 years old, and have been HIV-positive for 22 years. This is me getting my every three week, 7 hour infusion of immunogammagobulin to help boost my immune system. Thanks to my faith, family, community and wonderful doctors. I am still trudging along. It's been a hard road, but someday I will feel no more pain or illness. I kinda can't wait for that day, but then when I look at my mom, my sisters, and all my nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews, it keeps me fighting.