This is what A DAY WITH HIV looks like

On Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, people across the United States and in 11 other countries photographed a moment of their day for A Day with HIV to portray 24 hours in the lives of people affected by HIV/AIDS.
No matter who you are, or where you are, we are all affected by HIV.

9:00 AM
Montrose, Colorado
Living in a rural community, I try to educate on early detection and safe sex! HIV does not discriminate! When HIV knocked on our door, we chose to walk with our heads held high. Before my husband lost his battle to an AIDS-related cancer, I promised to educate anyone who would listen. I may not be HIV-positive, but I will be a warrior, breaking down walls for all who are, and for those we've lost! We are all human beings; we must learn to see each others' hearts, nothing else!
09:00 AM
Chicago, IL
This will be my seventh year participating in the AIDS Run/Walk Chicago. My very first walk was to support a dear friend who was diagnosed years before. Since then, I have met and come to know more wonderful people who live with HIV/AIDS. I've been volunteering ever since, because helping others and giving back is what I do! Let's #bandtogether and work to break down the barriers of fear and misunderstanding.
9:02 AM
Chicago, IL
Ain't no stopping me now!!!
9:10 AM
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
My desert garden in Phoenix is a soothing place living with HIV as a long-term survivor.
9:30 AM
Portland, OR
United States
Housing is healthcare. Portland, Oregon, like many cities and states across our country, is experiencing a housing crisis. Heartbroken, the deep impact our crisis has been on people living with HIV. Proud to be among our Positive Force NW activists speaking out about our community's need for housing. Access to housing vital for HIV prevention, treatment, and care. A Day with HIV, a day to raise our voices for a more just and vibrant society for all.
09:30 AM
Columbus, OH
My day with HIV/AIDS has changed so much over the past +32 years. The past was riddled with denial, guilt, self-loathing and pain, not only personal but of so much loss. I reached a point where today was the only day I had left. Now, thanks to better meds and a great medical/support team and tremendous love and support, especially from my fiance & family, TODAY IS THE TOMORROW I never allowed myself to dream about. Now, every day, I dream about many more tomorrows to come.
09:39 AM
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Positive since 1985, I never imagined I would still be here. Giving hope to anyone who may need it!
9:40 AM
Bakersfield, California
Every day is a challenge living with HIV. Moving forward, being positive, breaking the stigma, living!
9:52 AM
New Orleans, Lousiana
Yesterday was #CallingInBlack; back second day for #adaywithhiv. Grateful for all I learn from my HIV family about  justice, rage, selfcare, and survival.
10:00 AM
Duluth, Ga
Even though HIV hit me like a truck, it hasn't stopped me from trying to enjoy life and keep working hard! Thanks to it, oddly enough and going to counseling, I have been seven months sober no drinking or anything! It's always a challenge, yes, but we are all stronger than we believe!
10:00 AM
Los Angeles, California
United States
I'm LIVING with HIV, not dying from it.
10:00 AM
Aliso Viejo, California
Orange County
I am 61 years old. My two dogs Rona and Roxy are my fur daughters who have traveled my journey with me. I became HIV-positive in early 2006, and I was diagnosed with AIDS in 2011. I live every day with a positive outlook and with fire inside me to stay strong and optimistic. Clean eating, exercise, faith, and a positive outlook have guided me to the right direction. I have a YouTube channel under my full name Michael Glockner - My life with HIV and AIDS. I enjoy helping others with my videos.
10:12 AM
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
I'm attending the Tennessee HIV Services Meeting. It's not always easy living with HIV in the Bible Belt, but, guess what? I'm doing it, and doing it well! It's important for me to be included in the discussions about HIV services. You can't talk for me, but you can talk with me.
10:30 AM
Burlington, North Carolina
It blows people's mind sometimes how I could be living with HIV and do a laborous job in heating and air. Most people think that people with HIV are noticeably sick and couldn't do a job like mine. Well, here I am still proving them wrong! I also find time to run a grassroots organization dedicated to fighting stigma through visibility! Positive power <3
10:31 AM
Lowell, Massachusetts
United States
It "Fill the Pillboxes Day!" These are just the "taken daily" pills; the "taken as needed" pills are kept in my bag or the medicine cabinet.
10:35 AM
Philadelphia, PA
Waiting for bus to the subway to head in to work. Heading in late, as I had to stop by the office of my apartment building to check on a couple of maintenance issues. A beautiful day!
10:40 AM
Memphis, TN
A night and a DAY in hospital with a loved one is worth more than all the money in the world
10:45 AM
Savannah, Georgia
I travel more than 20 days a month for work, and have been for more than four years now, never letting my HIV status dictate how far I go or how long I stay. Today, I woke up in Savannah and was laying next to someone special, and I decided to change my departing flight to a later time so we could lay in bed and just enjoy the morning together. Today is just like any other day; I wake up, live my life and take a pill before going to bed and doing it all over again.  
10:51 AM
Tallahassee, FL
United States
A laptop, reliable resources, and an imperative to be a part of helping people at risk for #HIV. Find out how to get tested, how to access treatment options if they are positive, and especially to help them feel less alone often don't feel like enough. But if we all pitch in with our strengths, together we can weave together a fabric of support.
11:00 AM
Lecicestershire, East Midlands
United Kingdom
Living with HIV,  you need to be need to be motivated to keep on track. I am the director of, a company delivering healthcare communications to enable people with HIV and/or hepatitis C to become better engaged with their treatment and care. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2003, aged 21. Read my latest blog, "Living with HIV." @DR_tweetUK