9:30 AM
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Thomas Straley: Volunteering at the Aliveness Project. This ASO saved my life; gotta give back!
9:38 AM
Baltimore, Maryland
Albert L. Davis Jr.: What inspired me to take this picture is the fact that I just got a fistula repaired in my left arm, resulting from stage four kidney failure along with my IV. The doctors are predicting that I will have to be on dialysis at one point or another. I would like to prove them wrong.
9:45 AM
San Francisco, California
Hank Trout, Editor at Large, A&U: America's AIDS Magazine: Giving a voice to the unintended consequences as well as the joys and triumphs of being a long-term HIV survivor has been the most rewarding work I've ever done. I hope to continue until there's a cure!
10:00 AM
Palmetto, Florida
Michael Lamb: I was nervous as hell to perform because I forgot to take my meds. I could've swore I had my pills with me. "Is my viral load going to go up?" "Am I now going to be able to transmit the virus if I have condomless sex tonight?" I was so scared. I literally forgot my whole poem seconds before I went on stage. My name was being called, I checked my bag one more time. There were my pills, Tivicay and Descovy, in the corner. They fell out of the holder. That was quite a day with HIV.
10:00 AM
Peoria, Illinois
Bruce and Mike: We live it in our lives and we work it at work. Many years under the belt. Forgetting what we felt. The support of our agency makes us melt! Every day...NEVER STOP. Team Positive Health Solutions, University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria.
10:00 AM
Brooklyn, New York
Bruce Richman: Walking down the East River to the new U=U office, feeling fine and ready to fight HIV stigma by sharing the news that people living with HIV who are on treatment and have an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV. Undetectable equals Untransmittable.
10:00 AM
Bradenton, Florida
Angel Stetson: Getting the care and mental health care I need at Cornerstone Addiction Center. Ironic I'm finally accepted into the program today. #mentalhealthisvital #selfcare #movingforward #acceptyourself
10:00 AM
Leyden, Massachusetts
Teo Drake: I balance the emotional labor of HIV/AIDS activism with the solitude of working in my wood shop.
10:05 AM
Nashville, Tennessee
United States
Brady Dale Morris: Gabby Gayle came into my life less than a month before I received my AIDS diagnosis. For almost a decade now, she's been by my side as I went through AIDS, addiction, alcoholism, suicide attempts, and pancreatic cancer. Not once has she ever judged me; she's only shown me what it means to truly love unconditionally.
10:15 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Jeffrey Jenne: Waiting for a check up at Penn Family and Community Medicine, for chest congestion; not too serious or even HIV-related, just ongoing and annoying, probably due to allergies or just a cold. Now getting lab work and then going to get a chest x-ray.
10:17 AM
Portland, Oregon
Anthony: When I first found out I was HIV-positive I thought it would define me—but by “define,” I came to realize I really meant “stigmatize.” I felt like there would never be a part of me inseparable from the virus itself. The thought of having it constantly preoccupied me. Each day when I swallowed that little greenish pill in the morning, I felt a pang of shame and sadness. Today, after living healthily with HIV for three years, the greenish pill still punctuates my days, but the feeling is one of propulsion and determination in place of despair, guilt, and self-loathing. How far I’ve come! Like my tattoo reminds me, I am still me. The retail cost of a 30-day supply of these pills is $3,467.99. For those like me who don’t excel in arithmetic, that is approximately $116 per day. It feels funny eating something that expensive every day, but I thank my lucky stars that my insurance completely covers this cost. There are also last-resort secondary insurance non-profits for people with HIV that exist to pick up the excess cost should one’s insurance not cover it.  Anyway, #fuckStigma and live your best life!  Undetectable equals untransmissible! 
10:17 AM
West Springfield, Massachusetts
Bryan Fleury: Our ultimate goal.
10:19 AM
Kalamazoo, Michigan
United States
Levi Berkshire: I am sitting at my desk at CARES in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am a Non-Medical Case Manager for people living with HIV/AIDS. I am also a person who is living with HIV. HIV is a major apart of my life. I am living with HIV, I work in the HIV field, and I am the current Community Co-Chair of the Michigan HIV AIDS Council. I took this picture to remind myself that this is what makes me happy and that I love helping other people living with HIV/AIDS.
10:20 AM
Chicago, IL
Simply Me! At 56 years old I’m more than ever comfortable in my skin. I’ve lived with HIV for 35 years and I know my life is a living example that each day with HIV can be a life well lived. Each and every day I embrace the life that I have and I do everything that must be done to thrive in spite of HIV! I know that Grace abides even where shame resides and it’s that Grace which has given me my power in the face of HIV/AIDS *sips tea* ☕️💋
10:30 AM
Saint Joseph, Missouri
Craig A. Fowler: 23 year long- term survivor.
10:49 AM
Los Angeles, California
Carl Branch: Travel. It’s what I do. It’s what I love. Being active, taking my mess, and maintaining my attitude of gratitude is my secret sauce. HIV positive for 32 years. Happy to be alive!!!!
10:50 AM
New York, New York
POZ Magazine: Opening a box of the newest issue of POZ featuring Charles Sanchez (aka Merce) on the cover!
10:55 AM
Columbus, Ohio
Eric Novak: I'm 62 years old and I've been HIV-positive for 34 years and have had AIDS for 20 years. Today is yesterday's tomorrow that I used to believe I would never experience. But I'm still here and I'm looking forward to today's tomorrow and many more tomorrows to come. My days living with HIV are fairly mundane for the most part. I mostly keep up with my medical appointments, go to the gym a few times a week, and spend a lot of time at home.
11:00 AM
San Francisco, California
Michael Hampton: On the steps of the rotunda of San Francisco City Hall.
11:02 AM
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Toraje Heyward: At the Advocates for Youth Urban Retreat!