12:00 AM
London, London
United Kingdom
Matt Freeman: Wearing and walking around the city, proudly with my own designer hoodie #HIVNoStigma. Picture taken just on the right time while I took my daily HIV medication. Being proud of who am I.
6:56 AM
Santa Clara, California
United States
Neal: Another Monday morning, another commute to work. Like every day, I'm just trying to be me, but now with HIV.
7:05 AM
Woking, London, England
United Kingdom
Paul Atkinson: Starting out the day with coffee just like any other, living well with HIV. It may be difficult to deal with when first diagnosed but there's a whole lot of people out there to helpand support you. Don't let others’ ignorance and stigma get you down. Stand strong in the knowledge that #UequalsU. #CantPassItOn
7:10 AM
Pensacola, Florida
United States
Levi Berkshire: On my way home to Michigan from the annual Positive Living Conference. What a great weekend with learning and emotions! We came from all over and we have one thing in common HIV. We are such a beautiful community from all walks of life.
7:17 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Robert Breining: Working at Philadelphia International Airport. “Dreams are not diagnosed.”
8:00 AM
Holbrook, New York
United States
Cathy Martens: A blessing in disguise. HIV has made me what I am today, a strong female not willing to give up. Life is what we make of it, and I plan on kicking HIV/AIDS’ butt with education and awareness. Never give up. I stand for all . #adaywithhiv
8:10 AM
Jacksonville, Florida
United States
Renee Burgess: With my daughters Myla, Michelle, and Micah getting some Dunkin Donuts.
8:11 AM
Lutz, Florida
United States
William Koliba: Have a great day! Don't let sigma get in the way-educate.
8:15 AM
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
Mark S. King: It is time to go speak to students at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing this morning about what my life with HIV is like. Behind me is a prized gift from another activist, a framed section of the 1988 “AIDS Wallpaper” art installation by General Idea, which sought to address HIV stigma. I am very much alive, I am joyful, and I am ready to face my 59th year on this earth—35 of them with HIV. I'm a grateful man.
8:15 AM
West Chester, Pennsylvania
United States
Matt Taylor: I’m excited to post this picture, as a part of #adaywithhiv! This picture is to celebrate the launch of the second episode of my podcast, “The Well Deserved Podcast.” For the past year, I’ve been sharing my story of wellness despite my HIV diagnosis. I’ve been HIV positive for 12 years, and am grateful to be healthier than ever. Wellness is possible, if we believe we deserve it. I hope my story inspires many people to live their healthiest lives! @TheNaturalGuineaPig
8:16 AM
Precious Kanik: Like any other a day for me, I always take a picture and regardless of my emotions am one person who always wake dress and show up. I only get to remember am HIV positive and am about to take my drugs that's even less than a minute ☺️. Despite having a skin problem called verruca plana and most people always say those who have HIV usually have it .. I proudly say I am HIV positive and I always wear that stigma proof not to allow anyone to make me inferior in my own skin. I am U=U.
8:31 AM
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States
Mark Grantham: On my way to substitute for the librarian at Shepherd Elementary School. My diagnosis 35 years ago has enabled me to find my calling, leading, passion, the fire in my belly, which is education. I am grateful beyond words to say that I am not only surviving, I am thriving. Thirty-five years ago, I truly believed that my life was over; today, it's only beginning. As Elaine Stritch sang in Follies, “I’m still Here.”
9:00 AM
Los Angeles, California
United States
Damone Thomas: A day with HIV in 2019 means the ability to finally live my truth without fear of being stigmatized or discriminated against for living with HIV. It has given me a chance to be a voice for the Caribbean community and a ray of hope to live beyond HIV/AIDS. I proudly wear my “No Shame About Being HIV+” t-shirt.
9:00 AM
Grandville, Michigan
United States
Kevin: In the waiting room at my therapist’s office. Self-care is an important tool to achieving and maintaining wellness for everybody. I’m also sporting my #MrFriendly button and Elton John t-shirt to encourage conversations about HIV and stigma.
9:15 AM
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States
Melvin Wright: Just got out Church. Wearing one of my t-shirts I design for HIV/AIDS. I’m passionate about fighting HIV/AIDS.
9:15 AM
Portland, Oregon
United States
Carol: Even grandmas can have HIV.
9:30 AM
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
Dale Stark: Mondays with HIV are like any other Monday—not enough weekend!
9:39 AM
Tshwane, Mamelodi
South Africa
Rinah Semadi: I'm living with HIV, and I want to help other people to disclose their status and be free to take their medication. There is too much stigma. HIV is not the end of the world.
9:50 AM
Wilton Manors, Florida
United States
Zee Strong: Breakfast and morning meds, in case Luca the Med Reminder asks.
10:00 AM
Tyler, Texas
United States
DeAnna Jackson: I contracted HIV in 2008, after the first pic was taken. Diagnosed in 2011, I almost had an AIDS diagnosis. With a CD4 count of 232; I was very sick. Now in 2019, the picture on the right, I'm a Ryan White medical case manager. HIV does not define who you are. I do not look like what I've been through, and you don't have to either! Love yourself despite what the world says!