6:00 AM
Summerville, South Carolina
Monique Howell: Today and 365 days of the year, my life with HIV can be sad, tired, full of strength, determination, perseverance, hope, family, advocacy and happiness! A day with HIV is every night taking my pill that I almost choke on trying to swallow down my throat, constantly reminding me that I'm living with this condition. A day with HIV means walking past others, knowing they are afraid to touch or speak to me because their lack of education. Today, waking up seeing my kids again
6:05 AM
Davenport, Florida
United States
Harry C. S. Wingfield: Advocacy groups for long term AIDS survivors say to tell our story. I published mine this year! Closets: a memoir with music.
6:55 AM
Ulen, Minnesota
Kaylea: On my way to the doctor's office.
7:13 AM
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Angel L. Hernández: I woke up early to get my hands dirty in my garden, wearing my TREAT AIDS, DON’T TURN BACK t-shirt from Médecins Sans Frontières. I did it just before sitting in front of my laptop, which is also getting my hands dirty, to clarify some misconceptions around HIV stigma and discrimination. There is nothing more rewarding than doing volunteer work as a peer educator and coordinator of relief efforts in the aftermath of hurricane María, supporting people living with HIV in my community.
7:30 AM
Edmonton, Alberta
7:57 AM
Trim, County Meath
Jim Allen: Just finished my morning walk before heading into work. Just another normal routine day #living with #HIV. #adaywithhiv @JimAllenDublin
8:00 AM
Sydney, New South Wales
Phillip Shipton: Starting my day with a hot workout at Fitness Playground. Where are my teddy bears?
8:00 AM
Austin, Texas
Latisha Eggleston: Not every day is a smiling day, but because I know God has me, I continue living my life and smiling even when it hurts. We got this and we are better together. #stopthestigma #UequalsU
8:00 AM
United States
Mark S. King: I'm going to spend the day using my voice as a long-term survivor (1985) through my writing. It gives me such purpose and meaning. Activism is joy. Activism is life.
8:21 AM
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States
Mark Grantham: Today I am inspired to appreciate creation, enjoy and explore the beauty that my Higher Power has provided to us. It's the small things that provide me with warmth, comfort, and love. Looking at a tree and seeing the beautiful and wonderful things in it, that's part of my journey. I am grateful for the opportunity to see the beauty around me; it has afforded me the opportunity to meet many strong, amazing, and wonderful people. #adaywithhiv
8:23 AM
Lutz, Florida
William: A 39-year survivor; living healthy and strong and letting my voice be heard.
8:28 AM
Baltimore, Maryland
Sharon Bosley: Morning devotion and prayer
8:30 AM
Chicago, Illinois
Brandon Strawn: My day began with a pill, and then became swarmed with paper-sorting and grading! #pozteacher
8:30 AM
Chicago, Illinois
Illinois State Rep. Greg Harris: Getting ready for a day of conference calls with legislative colleagues about transforming Illinois' hospital and healthcare system.
8:44 AM
Chicago, Illinois
Chad Hendry: Getting ready to start my casual Friday at work and feeling Queer AF.
9:00 AM
Saint Louis, Missouri
Aaron M. Laxton: I am setting up for our Friday Syringe Exchange. My journey with crystal meth brought me to HIV. Now I work to help others who are currently using.
9:08 AM
Washington, D.C.
Mark Janes: I am at the ADAP Advocacy Association's annual conference, where I am learning how to be a more effective advocate for those living with HIV. As a 23-year survivor I want to make things better for those recently diagnosed, prevent as many new infections as possible, and advocate for a cure or vaccine. This disease is a brutal killer, and I want to be among those who stop it.
9:10 AM
Oshawa, Ontario
Mark Hammann: Starting my workday as Manager of Education Services at the AIDS Committee of Durham Region here in Oshawa.
9:15 AM
Washington, D.C.
Ashley Hall: Me at the ADAP conference.
West Hollywood, California
United States
Jeff Scott: My morning routine—a daily reminder of how lucky I am to be healthy and alive.