today is SEPT. 22: a day with hiv

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1:00 AM
Kuala Lumpur,
@ my gym doing squats as usual after work.
01:42 AM
Denver, Colorado
I found out three years ago that I have HIV. I'm grateful for long-term survivors who have fought to get us where we are today, and join the battle in smashing stigma and shame! A pill a day, an amazing husband, and puppy kisses make my days amazing.
3:07 AM
Fishers, Indianapolis
I will never agree to be defined by my HIV status. I know I am beautiful, intellectual, and hardworking as I am.
6:45 AM
New York, New York
I believe that part of the battle to living life positively with HIV is to live a positive life. That's been my mantra since the day I got my diagnosis some +15 years ago. Part of that is waking up every day with gratitude, giving back and living life by my truth, never allowing HIV to define me. On this day, I'm on my way to feed the homeless, as I do every Thursday, starting with a spontaneous dance on a packed NYC subway.
7:00 AM
St. Louis, Missouri
When your day starts like this, it doesn't get much better! 😊
07:30 AM
Orlando, Florida
In 1990, I was diagnosed with AIDS. I went on disability from my job as a theatre professor. I was hospitalized several times and came close to death more than once. While on disability, I participated in AIDS advocacy work at the local and national levels. With love, support, and great medical care, I was able to return to full time work in 2002. The skills I learned in the AACTG helped me return to work, this time in research administration. I'm ready for work today, and glad to be alive!
07:30 AM
East Orange, NJ
After testing HIV-positive on 1/28/16, I was blessed with talent to produce House music. My meds work best when I'm working on music. Presently, I'm undetectable; my t-cells are 1,350, and have been as high as 1,700. Just because I'm positive doesn't mean you have to be so negative.
7:34 AM
Chicago, Illinois
United States
21 years strong. Smelling the wind and enjoying the sun on my face with my bulldog Charlie, on this first day of Fall. It is great to be ALIVE!
Chicago, Illinois
I got up early to train for my first 10k run, raising money for those affected by HIV. My positive friends and coworkers have taught me that there's nothing you can't do, and to take better care of my own health. Today and every day, the virus won't limit what you can do. Remember: so many people are inspired by you!
7:55 AM
Lakeland, Florida
HIV doesn't choose what we DO or DON'T do.
8:20 AM
Jonesboro, Georgia
I am still here!!!
08:29 AM
Wilton Manors, Florida
United States
One way for me to deal with the stress of life with HIV and multiple illnesses is to dress up and have fun. Today I decided to be a little glittery while reading "Living and Dying In 4/4 Time," which was edited by my late and colorful friend, Paul Harris.
08:30 AM
Charlotte, North Carolina
HIV doesn't stop me. It motivates me to live for my daughter.
08:39 AM
Washington, DC
24 years HIV-positive. In my last year of college. Eight more months to graduation!!! I am off to class at Gallaudet University, the world's only liberal arts university for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Where should I go for grad school is the next big question in my life. Where do you think I should go?
08:50 AM
Minneapolis, MN
At my desk at @clarehousing. I have been living with HIV for 17 years this fall, and have the privilege to work for an agency that houses people living with HIV and AIDS. I could not imagine doing anything other than what I do every day. HIV is still a problem. Stigma is still a problem. Taking a picture today stops the stigma.
9:00 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Diagnosed 22 years ago. Getting my day started, and thankful for the warmth of the sun. I hope all of you have much to be thankful for, too. Make every moment count and be kind, always.
9:00 AM
Montrose, Colorado
Living in a rural community, I try to educate on early detection and safe sex! HIV does not discriminate! When HIV knocked on our door, we chose to walk with our heads held high. Before my husband lost his battle to an AIDS-related cancer, I promised to educate anyone who would listen. I may not be HIV-positive, but I will be a warrior, breaking down walls for all who are, and for those we've lost! We are all human beings; we must learn to see each others' hearts, nothing else!
09:00 AM
Chicago, IL
This will be my seventh year participating in the AIDS Run/Walk Chicago. My very first walk was to support a dear friend who was diagnosed years before. Since then, I have met and come to know more wonderful people who live with HIV/AIDS. I've been volunteering ever since, because helping others and giving back is what I do! Let's #bandtogether and work to break down the barriers of fear and misunderstanding.
9:02 AM
Chicago, IL
Ain't no stopping me now!!!
9:10 AM
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
My desert garden in Phoenix is a soothing place living with HIV as a long-term survivor.